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Story: Continuation

"How do I look mum?" Bukky asked after reemerging from her room the second time in two hours that afternoon. "You look better dear. This dress is far more decent than the other two you'd worn." Her mum smiled at her before returning to the story she was reading on the newspaper. "Mummy, why don't you

Story: ...

She had just returned from lectures and is very tired. She expects to meet her roommate at home but gets home to meet a locked door. Thank God she has her key with her she would have been stranded. And the naughty girl texted her earlier that she had finished her lectures and will be home when she comes back. Anyway that is her business

A Short Piece

"Lower your gaze". She muttered.  She had just seen him across the other side of the busy way. She had noticed him instantly. His features, his whole package appealed to her. Her breath hitched almost making her choke . "Lower your gaze" she said again quietly. But she was doing the exact opposite. She stole a few glances at him until she was caught. They locked eyes for a few seconds. For that brief moment it was as if

Saturday Digest: Life of an Abeokuta Corper

I am a corp member currently serving in Abeokuta city of Ogun State.  Today I am giving you some major things I have observed since I was posted to the city to obey the clarion call. Well it’s more like things you need to know about the city and its people. Other corp members I have spoken to about these have also confirmed it. Yes, they’ve noticed these things too.  Topography This is not strange. The name Abeokuta literally means under the rock or beneath/below the stone, so one wouldn’t be surprised if the whole city is rocky. There are lots of rocks everywhere that I kept thinking Olumo is scattered everywhere not until