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Forbidden Passion: 8

The sound of the alarm from his phone was what woke him up. Damola hissed, without looking up he lazily reached out for the phone on his bedside drawer and dragged the alarm icon to a side of the screen. The alarm stopped and he sighed back into sleep. But his journey back to la-la land was short lived as the alarm started to ring out again after only ten minutes. He groaned, this time he picked up the phone from the drawer and brought it to his face so that he could sure he doesn’t end up snoozing the alarm again. The phone began to ring just as he was about to put it down. Damola sighed in frustration. This time it was a call from one of his mentees, David. It’s like the world means me morning. Why is this one calling me this early on a Saturday? He grumbled as he answered the call. “Good morning sir. I just called to know if you are still coming...” David started but Damola cut in before he could finish ...wait, are we meeting today?”  “Yes sir. 10:30”  Damola put the ph

The Window to the Soul

So I decided to dig out this old piece of mine from seven years ago on Facebook to share here. I used to wonder why eye contact was that important. Why some people would read a direct eye contact as arrogance while some would see its avoidance as disrespectful or even term it suspicious .  How did they even reach that conclusion? I for one, see eye contact as a vital part of communication but thing is,  don’t over do it . A Prolonged eye contact can be quite uncomfortable for some people. I once attended a criminology class as part of a general course required for my communication course. It was a one time class but I enjoyed that class so much that I wished that if I didn't major in it then it should have been made one of the minor course choice for Mass Communication just like Sociology and Political Science. In that class I learnt that your physical features could determine if you are capable of commiting a certain crime or not.  Months later I wanted to know more a

Forbidden Passion: 7

Asibi rang a number as soon as she exited the building that harboured many offices including the company she worked for. She walked down to the thatched shed that housed a few plastic chairs a few feet away from the building. It used to belong to a telecommunication company that used to be in that building before they moved out but now it was just a relaxation spot for anyone that happened to be in that area. The person on the other end picked after the second ring.  “Babes I’m sorry, I just finished with a customer. I thought I would get something to eat before calling.”  Asibi could have taunted her for her large appetite if she had been in a better mood but today was not one of those days.  “ Ayesha ...”  She started, her voice was shaky and her legs were trembling. She had been standing under the shed but now she grabbed a chair and sat on it.  “I’m done for Esh . I’m holding my sack letter.”  Her eyes burned with unshed tears, any word of sympathy now from her friend a

The Thin Line

In life, I have come to realise there's a thin line between two extremes. Love and hate , Sanity and madness, good and evil, Life and death and how one tiny decision can flip you to the other side. Even the difference between days is just a second. Do you know that some minds can be so fickle? Or that the right choice of words could change even the most hard hearted. Balance, however important is not really what it is, equal . Balance in itself is a test because we spend our lives trying to create that natural balance in our lives. Have you ever wondered how two people could see the same thing from different perspective? Like how being straightforward could be seen as being tactless and a diplomatic person tagged a cunny being. I have always wondered if people would rather be comforted by lies or face harsh truths. The truth could be a bitter pill to swallow, if it's not something we want to hear. Even if someone asks for an honest opinion, be careful it might just

Forbidden Passion: 6

Damola glanced at the different constructions going on in the estate as he drove down the road that led to his family house. He couldn’t believe he had missed this much during his last visit. A lot had happened since he left six months ago which he didn’t think was a long time. He had thought it would take a long while before he visited home but two weeks ago he had rushed down here to see his mother. His brother had made it sound urgent that he came and see her. And even though he had tried to get to the house as quickly as possible that day, he had arrived late. His mum was already up and going about her business like nothing was wrong. She had been happy to him though, and wanted him to stay longer but he had apologised and explained why he had to go. The accident had disrupted his plans and he also had the feeling his father would be back that night or very early the following morning and since he was officially banned from visiting by his father he thought it wouldn’t


But as much as we want it, in reality there is no such thing as a true happily ever after. That is if your definition of it entails a smooth, problem free kind. While happily everafter is the end in movies and novels, in the real world it is just the beginning. The two lovers and their loved ones will still face challenges that will either make or break them. The process is a never ending one as long as they live. Still, this has not stop some of us from enjoying great romance stories. Call us hopeless  hopeful romantics and you won't be wrong. Here are two novels with a happy ending that I enjoyed because who wants a romeo and Juliet love when there is that of cinderella? ●• Love happens eventually  I won't lie, Feyi Aina has got me hooked on her books with her writing style, ( I know, 🤫 I'm not a nobel laureate  yet . So you can stop rolling your eyes at me.) I just finished another of her books and it was like it shouldn't finis

Forbidden Passion: 5

The nurse tidied up the centre table and packed up the medical instruments she had used earlier in examining Yasmin and put them in the big hospital bah. It had been two weeks since she was discharged and the nurse had made sure she adhered to all the aftercare advice.  “Well, I’m sure you can’t wait to be rid of me.” Nurse Kemi said with a wide smile plastered on her face.  Though their relationship was that of a nurse and a patient and it had started that way, Yasmin had come to see the nurse as a friend. When nurse Kemi had addressed Yasmin as ‘Miss Tijjani’, the latter had told the former to discard the formality and address her by her first name as being address formally made her feel uncomfortable. Nurse Kemi had in turn asked that she called her Kemi too.  “Haba, no now. You know I like having you around. The house is usually boring without Lisa around.” She meant it. She was always glad to have Kemi around. She was different from the other nurses she had met in the

A Good Old Piece

With a start, she woke up from her sleep. Oh my God! It was a nightmare again. She switches on the bedside lamp and looks up at the clock on the wall it is just 2:15am. She had only slept for two hours. This doesn't happen often to her but when it does it keeps happening until she gets the message. They come in different forms but the ones that scares her to death are these ones, that come in form of a nightmare.  There are sheets of printing paper piled up on the chest of drawers close to her bed. She had been working on a big story that would hit the media soon. She had worked on a few investigative cases some months back and has finally settled for her passion- story writing. She scatters through the sheets, looking for an unused one and is able to get a single plain paper. She opens the chest and picks up a pen and starts to scribble what she saw but it is not working. Her hands and body begin to shake. All her senses are alert, it is as if the scene is replaying right in front