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A Good Old Piece

With a start, she woke up from her sleep. Oh my God! It was a nightmare again. She switches on the bedside lamp and looks up at the clock on the wall it is just 2:15am. She had only slept for two hours. This doesn't happen often to her but when it does it keeps happening until she gets the message. They come in different forms but the ones that scares her to death are these ones, that come in form of a nightmare.  There are sheets of printing paper piled up on the chest of drawers close to her bed. She had been working on a big story that would hit the media soon. She had worked on a few investigative cases some months back and has finally settled for her passion- story writing. She scatters through the sheets, looking for an unused one and is able to get a single plain paper. She opens the chest and picks up a pen and starts to scribble what she saw but it is not working. Her hands and body begin to shake. All her senses are alert, it is as if the scene is replaying right in front

Flash Story

"What do you want?" This was the second time he asked me that but I still had no tangible answer to give him. So I repeated the only thing I had told him. "I don't know." My head bent low, looking at my fingers. They seemed like the only interesting thing at that moment. I fought the urge to chew on them, it would only give me out as being nervous. So I stared on. My head still cast down. I refused to look up, to look into his eyes. They would give me away. The unshed tears in them stung and ready to spill. So I looked up and laughed. I wanted to mask the reason for my tears but I knew it was impossible. His eyes were all over me, keenly watching my every move. His eyes beckoned on me to look at

A Short Piece

"Lower your gaze". She muttered.  She had just seen him across the other side of the busy way. She had noticed him instantly. His features, his whole package appealed to her. Her breath hitched almost making her choke . "Lower your gaze" she said again quietly. But she was doing the exact opposite. She stole a few glances at him until she was caught. They locked eyes for a few seconds. For that brief moment it was as if