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The Negative Voice

Believe it or not, everyone one of us has a positive and a negative voice. It does not matter what you choose to call yours or what you see yours as, they are what they are. I like to see mine as friends; the friend who makes me feel I can be whatever I want to be once I set my mind to it and the friend who reminds me of my limitations. The thing is we all love that voice, the one that fills us with power, the voice that gives us the energy to go out and own the world. With this voice every one of us is a conqueror of all our problems and obstacles. But we also need that voice of pause. The one that makes us stop a little, to think ( wait, is this going to work?) Now, don't get me wrong. I know I called it the negative voice. Yes, it is. But only when you don't tame it or better put when you don't watch it!.. Like seriously, you need to watch this voice. You need to put it in check. Only when this voice gets out of hand, then it becomes a negative voice, hindering every