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Forbidden Passion: 24

To be available soon.


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Saturday Digest: Life of an Abeokuta Corper

I am a corp member currently serving in Abeokuta city of Ogun State.  Today I am giving you some major things I have observed since I was posted to the city to obey the clarion call. Well it’s more like things you need to know about the city and its people. Other corp members I have spoken to about these have also confirmed it. Yes, they’ve noticed these things too.  Topography This is not strange. The name Abeokuta literally means under the rock or beneath/below the stone, so one wouldn’t be surprised if the whole city is rocky. There are lots of rocks everywhere that I kept thinking Olumo is scattered everywhere not until

Forbidden Passion: 25

To be available soon.


G one are the days when the only place to watch series is on a cable network and local stations. Nowadays one is spoilt for choice with varieties of series on the internet, found on streaming platforms like Netflix, Showmax, Amazon prime video, Irokotv and so on. Usually watching movies and TV series is only possible with a subscription fee that is mostly charged monthly and some streaming apps, also offer yearly plan and then you need a solid data plan.  Meaning you get to incur expenses in two ways; a subscription to access the movies and a data plan to be able to watch the movies, which to some people is a total waste of money, especially in places like Nigeria where data plans are still very expensive. In recent times, there has been an upsurge of alternatives to the series on subscription-based platforms called web series. As the internet involves and the demands of consumers increased so as the contents being churned out refined. These days you can watch quality movies and serie